The Top Things You Need to Know About an Employee’s Background History

You already know that you need to check on a potential employee’s background history in terms of their education, their work experience and their references. But when it comes to getting a comprehensive background history report on someone you plan to hire, there are some more areas that are important pieces of knowledge. What do you really need to know before you hire someone? Every background history check should include the following points.

Criminal Records

This may sound obvious, but it is often skipped in background history checks unless the position particularly requires a security clearance on some level. A background history check that provides criminal records information will tell you a lot more than you might think. Odds are good you won’t come across many people with serious criminal charges, but you might find some that are minor and yet have a strong bearing on the job for which they are applying.

For example, if you obtain a background history on the criminal record of someone you are hiring to work in a pharmacy, you might want to look for any drug charges on their criminal record. If you are hiring someone to work alone in your stock room, you would need to know if they have ever been charged with theft.

Membership in Groups

Most groups are entirely benign and you probably have very little interest in whether or not your potential employee is in a book club or the church choir. There are some groups however that could be of particular interest, and thus they should be a part of every background history check.

Every business is run with certain ethics in mind. Knowing if your employees are involved in groups that might have goals that run against what your business stands for could become a problem quickly. While it might not be a reason not to hire someone, it is an issue that will probably need to be addressed. A background history check will bring these things to light sooner rather than later.

Credit and Judgments

In most cases a person’s credit report has very little bearing on their ability to do their job. There are some areas however that are important information. A good background history check can ensure you know if a potential employee is facing garnishments from their salary or has a history of skipping out on paying bills. This says an awful lot about their level of responsibility and the likelihood that they might leave you high and dry.

Driving Records

This might not have as much bearing on a background history check if the position does not require any driving, but a background history of a potential employee’s driving record can still tell you a lot. Of course, if the position does require driving, you will probably make this a first priority. But even if it does not, this can tell you a lot about a person. A lot of speeding tickets may tell you this person is always rushing. Parking tickets or tickets for running red lights might signify someone who does not pay attention. You would be surprised what you can learn about a person from their background history on the road!

A background history check is a vital compilation of information on any potential employee. Make sure every background history you run includes all the information you need to make a sound hiring choice.

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The Top Things You Need to Know About an Employee’s Background History

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