Obtaining A Background Report Makes Smart Common Sense

What is a background check?

There is no single definitive definition of the term “background check,” but most understand it to mean an investigation of a person’s history. The type of information included in the report depends upon the type of inquiry that is being performed. Since there are no uniform industry standards regarding the proper labeling for each type of report, these assorted analyses often go by various different names, depending upon the provider and context.

What is included in basic checks?

Basic reports use publicly available information that is easily accessed in order to provide very generic information about people. In fact, you can often complete this type of lookup entirely on your own, simply by using an internet search engine. While these basic reports may reveal some information, they are often too shallow a probe to address the essential questions and concerns that prompt us to run background checks in the first place.

A more in-depth report goes beyond basic, superficial identifying information. It may look at one’s relatives and associates, even examine a person’s criminal history when and where available. It may look at one’s civil legal history and other legal judgments. And sometimes, these reports include information pertaining to property deed and tax assessor information, phone numbers, emails, and even social networks.

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