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Who Needs to Run a Background Check? Why It’s a Good Idea — While you may think that running a background check is only necessary for high level security positions, the truth is that there are many different areas where a background check can be useful. Knowing pertinent information about someone’s past and current activities protects business owners, landlords and parents in a variety of ways.
Protecting Your Home — There is more than one way in which a background check can help you to protect your home. It will make sure that anyone you let into your home in order to perform a certain task is someone you can really trust. One of the top areas where a background check is in order is in the selection of child care providers. Whether an occasional babysitter, a full-time nanny or even a tutor, the people who are in close contact with your children need to be people in whom you have full trust. Knowing their history can help you look out for red flags that tell you this is not the right person to choose. When it comes to choosing people who will be working on or in your home for an extended period of time or regularly, it makes good sense to perform a check to ensure you know just who they are. From a handyman to a pool maintenance service, knowing who is in and around your home is vital to keeping it safe.
Protecting Your Business — You don’t have to be running a high security corporation to run a background check on a potential employee. There is a lot of important information that can be obtained from a background check that will help you to make good hiring decisions and prevent potential loss or lawsuits in the future. Learning things like what problems the potential hire may have had in the past either at work or in other areas is very important to predicting their future behavior. Running a background check on every person you are looking to hire is the best way to make sure that you don’t find out when it’s too late that they may have a criminal record or be involved in activities that are contrary to your business ethics. A background check helps you to choose the best possible people to represent your company.
Protecting Yourself — Running a background check on the people who will be in close proximity to you either at home or at work is a smart way to keep yourself and others around you safe. You would want to know if a person you were considering to work in or around your home or in your business has a history of violence or is listed as a sex offender. A background check is the best way to get this information. You can’t always count on people to tell the truth, even when they are required to do so such as on a job application. A background check protects you in many different ways, and is an appropriate action for just about anyone to take when considering allowing someone close access to your personal life.

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